Marketing remains a popular career and most big companies have a marketing department. As a marketer, your job is to promote product and services in a way that catches the public’s attention. Read on to discover the steps to start a career in marketing.

1) Select a Bachelors degree in marketing or business. It would be hard to enter the highly competitive marketplace without a basic degree.

 2) Do an internship or two during your school holidays even if your school doesn’t require one. This will give you an insight to the industry and offers you valuable experience. If you do not already have working experience, an internship will help to beef up your resume.

3) Tailor your resume towards the marketing job you are applying for. Highlight relevant and transferable job skills from your previous job experience. 

4) Put together a portfolio of your best university projects and paid work. Collect your best writing samples, mock advertisements, research projects and collaterals you have worked on.

5) You may want to start off with a smaller firm or a start-up which can provide you with a lot of experience as you’ll be required to wear many hats and take on various projects.

6) Networking is the key. Collect contacts throughout your career and carry your business cards with you all the time. Keep in contact with the people you meet on a regular basis.

7) Pursue lifelong learning. Marketing doesn’t remain static. Upgrade yourself by signing up for workshops or seminars that discusses the trends of the current market. Pick up new computer programme skills that can help to increase your productivity at work.

Keep up to date with the ever-changing trends of marketing. You can consider create a niche for yourself by adopting a specific style of marketing such as viral marketing, social media marketing, advertising and promotions, digital marketing, so on and so forth.

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