An investment banker works with both large corporations and smaller companies to develop business deals. Job duties include applying for corporate loans, finding investors and selling stock shares. Investment bankers also handle the transfer of ownership between companies. To become an investment banker, you need to prepare yourself for long hours of meticulous work.

Follow these steps and you can be on your way to getting your job as an investment banker.

1. Earn your Bachelor's degree from an accredited university and choose a major in a finance-related field such as Business Administration, Economics, Marketing or Math.

2. Improve your communication skills by taking up speech and broader communication courses or classes. This is essential as the job requires confident speakers who can make presentations to clients frequently to gain more business.

3. Apply for classes specialising in proposal writing. This would come in very useful as you would be writing proposals to outline how a business deal will progress.

4. Keep up with trends in the investment banking industry by reading financial newspapers and journals. This can also help you to source for current job postings. Knowing the environment and the history of your company you are being interviewed at would help to leave a good impression on the interviewer.

5. Be traditional and ensure you print your resume, cover letter and thank you letters on unadorned resume paper. Also dress appropriately in business attire when meeting with your prospective employer for the interview.

6. Consider entering the field at an entry or lower level position as an analyst. Though it is difficult to break in to the industry of investment banking, gaining solid work experience from ground up can aid you very much. Furthermore gaining such experience at a large or reputable firm would ease it all together.

Most investment bankers travel around the world to complete business dealings with clients. Do apply for or update your passport if you company has international offices or affiliates.

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