Corporate event planners see a project from start to finish and are responsible for planning the budget, logistics and promotion of the event. Event coordinators need to have excellent communication and time management skills.  They work behind the scenes and are responsible for choreographing every detail of the event to make it successful. Read on to find out how you can become a corporate event planner.

1)  Help out as an event assistant or volunteer yourself for an event. Volunteer to help a planner through the event and in return, you get to experience the whole process of what it is to be an event planner. You will have opportunities to interact with suppliers and learn about audio visual (A/V) equipment and decor selection.

2) Attend classes, conferences and trade shows that are streamed towards Corporate Event planning. These places are wonderful venues for you to work meet other professionals and suppliers.

3)  Have a database of supplier and keep adding to it. Keep a record of people you work with that includes companies that rent sets and suppliers that provide A/V support.  You never know when you will be working with them again.

4) Gather all your ideas together and turn it into a great event. Keep a look-out for clients that need help. Start off small and use your database of suppliers whom you already have or met at events.

5) Build your professional portfolio by taking photographs and getting client testimonials. You can use them to show prospective customers of the work you have accomplished.

If you have always have the passion in coordinating details for a gathering or celebration, having a job as an event coordinator may be fun for you.

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