As a receptionist, you are likely to be the first person that clients meet or call. The impression you give to anyone who calls impacts whether the person decides to do business with your company or not.  Providing anyone who walks through that door the service of excellence is the start to being a great receptionist.

1) Put on a genuine smile. Greet anyone who walks to your reception area regardless of whether they are wearing a coat or just a simple t-shirt.  Offer a warm goodbye as they leave the area.

2) Dress appropriately. As a receptionist, you are the image bearer of the company. Put on appropriate makeup and ensure the outfit you wear is clean, ironed and looks professional.

3) Answer the phone with a smile. The other party would be able to sense your smile and more like to reply in kind. Smiling not only puts the caller in a good mood, it puts you in a good mood to serve customers too.

4) As a receptionist, you might encounter people who are unreasonable, rude, impatient and/or curt. Be patient and gracious towards them no matter what. You never know when your graciousness might brighten up someone’s awful day.

5) Do not be in a hurry to re-direct your clients on the phone. Instead, stop to listen. Wait for the person to finish explaining his purpose before you give your response. This will help you in providing the proper directions.

Make someone’s day today and greet each person who walks through the doors with sincerity. Remember that you have a part in upholding the company’s reputation!

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