Consider becoming a chemical engineer if you love math and science, have a curious mind, like doing puzzles and enjoy developing your problem-solving skills. Here are some tips on how you can achieve a career in chemical engineering.

  1. Start off with a university that has an accredited chemical engineering programme. Branch into chemistry, mathematics, physics, and electrical engineering. Complement those topics with courses in biology, applied materials as well as computer sciences.

  2. Some liberal arts course will also help you in some of the necessary work of a chemical engineer, such as writing reports or white papers. Participate in English language and writing courses, including technical writing.

  3. Keep up to date on practical applications of chemical engineering by subscribing to technical journals. Join the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences in order to network in the industry and state the membership in your resume.

  4. Network within the industry and stay current with the trends by attending engineering conferences and seminars. Your industry connections may come in useful when it comes to chemical engineering job openings and searching for the best companies and organisations to work for within the field.

  5. If you plan to work in a capacity to help the public, get licenced. Take the chemical engineer licensure examinations and use your licencing and credentials to get the chemical engineering job that you want.

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