Sales managers help drive the success of a business by leading sales teams. According to the U.S. News & World Report, Sales managers hold one of the most high-profile positions in a company and are charged with running an efficient and effective sales team.

As a sales manager, you would have to meet customers, work with vendors, promote and even test some products, these are just some of the responsibilities of a sales manager.

Follow these steps and you can become a proficient sales manager leading your sales team to success.

1. Obtain a degree in marketing, business administration, communications, advertising or public relations. Other degrees such as English, Accounting, Liberal Arts, Psychology and Sociology are also acceptable.

2. Dive into an area you wish to focus in and tailor your education toward that field specifically. For example if you are interested in health care, you may wish to take up nursing courses to familiarise yourself with tools and terms of that trade. This experience can help your career as a sales manager in pharmaceuticals.

3. Engage in public-speaking activities during your schooling time as this can ward off presentation shyness. This is especially useful as a sales manager's job involves selling ideas and presenting information on sales and productivity within a company.

4. Establish a path to reach goals as sales management is fundamentally about planning. Think about how you can make most of your opportunities and resources while minimising distractions and threats. Also create an achievable plan to reach the enterprise's goals once they have been established.

5. Find a job in a larger company for more opportunities to advance in your career. Most sales managers start as retail sales associates and work up to management level.

Thinking about transitioning into the management side of sales? Though it can be a risky job, it could be a very rewarding career for you in both money and personal achievement.

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