The customer service department of a business serves as its representative. It handles queries, communications policies and resolves issues that customers have with the organisation and its products or services.

A proficient customer service manager can help to develop a stellar customer service team. Follow these pointers to become a proactive customer service manager.


In accordance with the mission and goals of an organisation, a customer service manager's primary task is to establish the short and long term strategy of his department. Work with the senior management, develop and implement standard operating policies, procedures and other best practices. All of which are used to govern and run the customer service department in an efficient manner. Partner up with the Information Technology team to procure and establish and effective information system used for tracking customer calls or visits.

Furthermore, as a customer service manager you would have to develop all performance related goals that member of the customer service team must follow. This includes areas such as obtaining positive customer feedback and meeting revenue objectives directed by the senior management.

Customer Interaction:

In most environments, a customer service manager does not interact directly with customers. However there are some exceptions to this rule, for example in the case where a customer is extremely unhappy with product or service, as a manager you would have to intervene. Also spend efforts to resolve the issue with the purpose to ensure that the customer continues to provide a generous amount of revenue to the organisation.

Provide motivation and encouragement:

This job has a demanding nature as such your team may require the motivation and inspiration on a regular basis. Simple things such as recognising their efforts from time to time and giving them credit when it is due could help in the long term.

With all this covered you can help to create a dedicated team geared to bring satisfaction to your customers.

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