Financial analysts are financial professionals who are responsible for accessing the value of certain assets and predicting shifts in markets and economics. Various other responsibilities include determining the potential outcomes from pursuing investment strategies.

Competition for available positions in this field is often very intense and hence the right preparation is essential. Take a look at these questions and brace yourself for an interview to score in.

Where do you see the economy headed?

As you begin on the interview, the employer may ask a general, open-ended question. This question may require you to share your knowledge on economic matters. Although this may be a broad question, as a candidate you should construct a specific, and detailed answer supported by facts. You can especially earn some brownies points by adapting your answer to the particular industry you are applying for.

Explaining Financial jargon terms

Many employers hiring financial analysts may attempt to ensure that the employee is adept at performing basic technical tasks associated to the position. Do your homework and so that you can be fluent while conversing in the language of financial analysis. As you answer these terms, do so in terms that are comprehensible. There is a chance that the interviewer does not know financial analysis, therefore answering a jargon-filled question with even more jargon might not score you more points.

Understand the relevance of your role in different industries

Although financial analysts are most often employed by financial services and investment firms such as banks, they are also commonly employed by a number of companies who require the need to predict the economic future.

For this reason, if you are applying to a specific industry such as one in the oil and gas business, be clear on how financial analysis would be beneficial to your prospective employer.

Showcase your skills

Whether the candidate is still a student or has many years of experience as a financial analyst, an employer will often like to get an idea of what sort of work he has done in the past. Often, employers will ask analysts to describe a recent project. When answering this question, you should be able to list specific skills that you used when working on it. Furthermore, share your learning points from the project.

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