Skills that you learn as sales manager may qualify you for several positions in the industries. To land a job in these industries, you will require a professional resume that highlights your experience, qualifications and skills.

Showcase your experience against your skill and you can create a professional resume that will help you get an interview for your ideal job as a sales manager.

1. Highlight your achievements in your prior working experience

Write a summary of your work experience as a sales manager directly under the resume title. Highlight your best sales achievement in one to two sentences. For example, if you were involved in creating a new display system that increased the sales of certain products, discuss that achievement in your summary. Summarise your management experience by delving into your best aspects.

2. State your special qualifications

Create a list of three to ten special qualifications you have which can include managing clients, creating invoices and recruiting new employees. Ensure that you highlight qualifications that relate to sales or management in your resume. List them all in a bullet point fashion in your summary.

3. Prior working experience

Add in a new title for your previous work history and title it as ‘Professional Experience’. State your work history in reverse chronological order with the most recent job you worked in first followed by the rest. Also include a summary of your work experience that shows how this job taught you sales or management skills. Professional positions held in sales as well as previous management or supervisor positions are also to be stated under this section.

4. Educational background

State degrees or courses you have taken in relation to sales and management. For each item that you state, do include the affiliated company or institution, location, date on which you completed the programme.

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