To work your way to becoming a successful IT manager, the main criteria involves completing projects on time and within the budget. Being a good manager entails more that how smooth various projects are. It extends to the manner in which you interact with your staff as well.

As an IT manager, you would often spend more time in meetings than on configuring servers or troubleshooting problems. Therefore it’s crucial that you maintain your technical skills if you don't use them on a regular basis. This will help exceedingly in the event where more knowledge on the project is required. As vendors constantly sell items to you, possessing this technical knowledge can hinder you from getting an inferior product.

Update yourself with trends in information technology as this can greatly help you see what would benefit the organisation in the long-term.

Keep tabs on your staff and their performance on a weekly basis. This includes the timelines that should be met and quality standards to be upheld in your organisation.

All in all as an IT manager, you are tasked to evaluate the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to problems that arise and oversee the staff addressing them. Furthermore you would also delve in and check whether all this translates to database upgrades, purchasing or installations of new hardware or software.

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