A modern administrative assistant today holds an important role in the company and has to multi-task in order to cope with the high demands of work.

Here’s what you can include in your administrative resume:

A candidate with some experience would look more desirable than a neophyte. Gain some experience by working as a temp or do an internship. Most office jobs would require certain amounts of administrative tasks. Include your experiences by stating the company and the dates you have worked for. State your accomplishment and responsibilities and be careful to tailor it to the job description provided by the company you are applying to. Highlight significant accomplishments that help to increase efficiency or reduce cost for the company.

While it is possible to get an administrative assistant job without a university degree, it is more difficult to get promoted without one. Have a degree in the field of the company you work with. List down the schools you have been to in a chronological order and include the field of your studies.

Organisation Skills
One of the most important skills that an administrative assistant should have is organisational skills. Employers are looking out for employees that are strong at organising so be sure to add that in your skills. Without this item, your resume may not come across as impressive.

Computer Skills
Get familiarised with the basic computer software such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. Your resume would be lacking if you do not include those programmes.

An administrative assistant requires a broad mix of skills and your potential employer has probably seen hundreds of resumes. Follow the tips above and let your resume stand out against the rest!

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