With a promising resume, you may get called for an interview with a potential employer. Firms receive up to 500 applications from which they may choose about 10 candidates for an interview.  However, to stand out from the crowd and ace the interview stage, you need to display confidence, energy and intelligence.

Follow these tips and get yourself ready to become an Investment Banker.

 Be well informed of current events
With swiftly changing market conditions caused by political events, forces or even shifting technologies, an investment banker position will require you to stay abreast of current events. Your potential employer is likely to quiz you on recent articles or periodicals you may have read or found interesting. “Wall Street Journal” and “The Economist” are both widely read materials in the investment circles. Therefore, get yourself acquainted with these reading materials in order to be ready for all possible questions.

Good fit versus technical knowledge
If you are applying for a position fresh out of university, get yourself ready for 'fit in' type questions. This can include questions such as, “Why do you want to be an investment banker?” or “What skills or qualities would you contribute to the firm?” Employers are interested to see your level of enthusiasm and hunger to get on board. If you have prior experience, your interviewer would ask you to demonstrate it through your technical knowledge.

Pace yourself
During an interview, your potential employer will examine your demeanour and responses to their questions. While you are on the hot seat, pace yourself so that you can project energy and confidence during every part of the interview.

Have your pitch ready and fit to go
Investment bankers are interested to see applicants who are team players, hard workers and strategic thinkers. Before you walk into the interview, prep yourself with questions such as “Tell me about yourself” and “Why do you want to work at our bank?”

Brainstorm and pick out elements of your knowledge and experiences that highlight the qualities investment bankers value. Use substantive pointers and convey them in a conversational style so that it does not appear scripted.

Amidst the fierce competition present in this field and the long hours one puts in, investment banking is yet a highly profitable career for you to enter. If you put some thinking to how you present your resume and yourself, you might just land your ideal investment banking position.

For more ideas on how you can be a successful investment banker, check out Interview Tips at www.stjobs.sg.