Your resume stood out and impressed your employer and you now have an interview appointment.  Preparation before the interview is a large component that determines if you will make or break your chance of attaining the job.

Here are some ways you can look at to further impress your interviewer.

1) Read up on the company you are interviewing to learn more about the industry they are in as well as their products or services.  Find out background information and latest happenings that can be found through their website.

2) Give a good first impression by arriving 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled interview time. Always arrange for buffer time in case of any mishaps. Choose an appropriate interview outfit that will reflect well on you and on the position you have applied for.

3) Bring along a pen and notepad to take down any important information. This will make you look like you are prepared for the secretary job and you stay on top of the game.  Remember to bring along extra copies of your resume.

4) Focus on the skills that are of relevance to your secretary job. Let your employer know that you are skilled in typing, organisation and time management etc. If you can, demonstrate you have the ability to handle stress and multi-task.

5) Get familiarised with the process of setting up meetings such as scheduling the meeting time, notifying the attendees and preparing the meeting agenda. Note that you might be required to prepare the meeting venue as well.

6) An interview goes both ways. Ask questions. Get a feel of how the company is doing and ask what the advancement opportunities are within the company. This gives your interviewer the impression that you are interested in the job.

Interviews can be nerve wrecking but follow our steps above for your secretary interview.

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