As a technical writer, you have to master the art of communicating complex information to those who need it in order to accomplish some task or goal. Technical writers write user manuals and technical how-to guides for the average person. With some skills and preparation, a career in technical writing usually offers an attractive remuneration package.

1. Join the Society for Technical Communication Singapore - STC (
It is a professional organisation for technical writers, employers, and businesses. Joining STC will allow you to communicate and network with fellow writers and employers of technical writing work.

2. Sign up for a technical writing class
Most universities have classes and modules designed for technical writing, but if you don’t make the entry requirements, there are also online classes available.

3. Showcase your work as a technical writer
Create a sample book that shows you can form logical step-by-step instructions and format it correctly into a PDF file.

4. Create a curriculum vitae (CV)
This will allow you to showcase your writing and technical writing skills and experience in a resume format. Even if you have minimal technical writing experience, don’t forget to include writing experience that has nothing to do with technical work as this can still help you.

5. Find a job as a technical writer is one of Singapore’s largest job portals and is a great place to start your career in technical writing. Networking in STC and other major technical events can also land you job opportunities.

If you do not have enough technical writing experience, consider doing one or two jobs for free in the beginning of your career as a technical writer. This gives you some great experience to put in your resume and can land you’re your next job!

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