There is a long process required in order to be an auditor. Firstly, educational requirements are needed as well as experience requirements.  Let the following tips guide you on your career path to becoming an auditor.

1. Attend algebra and accounting classes in school. These equip you with the important mathematics skills if you want to pursue an auditing career.

2. Enrol in a relevant module or college programmes if you have not taken the courses mentioned above by the time you graduate.

3. Find employment opportunities at local accounting firms or government agencies. STJobs also offers vast employment opportunities in accounting. Apply for a clerk or administrative positions if no auditing positions are available. Any kind of related jobs will help you gain experience in working with numbers as you prepare for your job application as an auditor.

4. To become a certified auditor, complete a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited university. Major in accounting or a related field.

5. Gain two years’ experience as an internal auditor. This is the minimum requirement for the Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore (IIA).

6. Based on your current or potential career, make a decision on which certification is most beneficial to you. Certifications include Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA), as well as Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP).

7. Get official result transcripts from your university as these are required in the application process.

8. Approach a supervisor or professor who knows about your accounting and auditing abilities to write a reference letter for you.

9. To prepare for the multi-part certification exam, study topics in auditing which include business analysis and management, and conducting an audit and governance and risk. Follow the study curriculum offered by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

10. Sit for the certification examination of your choice. It is highly recommended to be certified in order to work in the auditing field as they are highly regarded in their profession as upholding the standards of a well-known professional organisation.

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