In the customer service department of a business you serve as its representative handling queries, communications policies and resolving issues that customers have with the organisation and its products or services.

Follow these tips and you can earn a role as a customer service manager and help to develop a stellar customer service team.

In the interview, you want the interviewer to get the impression that you are well-versed in the company's objectives and goals. Visit the company’s website and look up important data and resources. As you go for the interview, share how you are the quintessential bridge between the merchandise and the customer and your insights in how you can help improve customer relationship or engage the customer.

Dress in a clean and pressed suit. If you are male, you can also bring a spare tie or shirt in case you get stains on your clothes. A leather suitcase or hand bag can enhance your whole look as it gives of a classy touch to your professional attire. Bring along recent resumes, awards and/or documents that highlight your achievements. Also showcase any credentials that affirm you are a unique and hardworking person.

As you prepare the content for your interview, think about your past accomplishments and how they relate to the challenges you have identified.  During the interview, share your major accomplishments during your customer service and supervisory career.

Be informed and prepared. In the course of your interview, you may come across hypothetical questions. In such cases, eliminate ambiguity by answering the question and sticking with quantitative and qualitative facts.

Adopt a relaxed yet firm and confident approach as you answer the questions posed. Being in the customer service industry entails qualities such as willingness to take on tasks, flexible thinking and fluent communications skills. Therefore, communicate to your employer that you can demonstrate these traits in your work. Hence show that you can do a good job in them.

In conclusion, learn as much as you can about the position before you head for the interview. Apart from the job description that you see in papers, source out more helpful information to aid you in your interview.

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