Whether you’re planning to work as a product safety engineer or an industrial safety engineer, prepare for your interview beforehand to increase your chance of getting the job. Here are some potential interview questions and answers you can give for the job position of a safety engineer.

Tell me about yourself.

This might seem like a personal question but should be answered in terms of your experience as a safety engineer. Talk to the employer about your education, training, and leadership positions you’ve held as a safety engineer. Avoid revealing anything about your personal life.

What safety regulations can you apply to this field?

Depending on the field, equipment, and engineering used for that business, the safety regulation and rules you employ will be different. Review occupational safety concerns for the field you are applying for before going for the interview so that you have an easier time answering. Visit the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website to learn all about relevant safety regulations to prepare for similar questions.

How would you train someone to use this piece of equipment safely?

As a safety engineer, part of your job is to teach employees to safely perform their work on different machines. Talk about how you have trained people in the past. If you are unfamiliar with the equipment being mentioned, talk about safety education and its process.

Have you identified previously unknown safety risks in a previous position?

A good safety engineer increases the safety beyond what was already in place for the company. When answering this question, provide examples of how you improved the overall safety for a previous employer.

What are your strengths?

Explain one of your strengths related to safety engineering. Provide a real story to illustrate your strength. For example, “I can lead a group during a crisis. I was able to command a group of 10 people to quickly contain and eliminate a small chemical spill in a paper processing plant by giving clear instructions and providing guidance.”

What are your weaknesses?

State a simple weakness that you have as a safety engineer. Also explain how you are working to improve on it so that it will no longer be a problem. For example, “Sometimes I forget the code numbers of different OSHD regulations, but now I keep a folder with the information in it for my reference.”

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