If writing is your passion, copywriting might just be the job for you. Create an impressive resume and land your ideal copywriting job. Read on to find out how you can create such a resume. 

1) Come up with a list of copywriting you have done and arrange them accordingly. For example, if you have experiences in SEO copywriting, advertising copywriting and copywriting for electronic direct mail (EDM) and are apply for a SEO copywriting position, place your work experience with SEO copywriting at the top.

2) Under each type of copywriting, create a work history section and provide details of your experiences. For example, your SEO copywriting work history may include “perform keyword analysis for client websites”.

3) Have a separate section for employers and clients instead of lumping them together with your work history. Ensure that your job title, location of the position and the dates of employment are reflected on your copy writing resume.

4) Your resume should have the following flow: name, contact details, work history, employment and clients, education and special skills.

5) Sort out your portfolio in the same manner as your resume for easy reference.

As a writer, your resume would be under more scrutiny than others, be sure to check your resume for any basic spelling and grammar mistakes. Ensure that the flow is consistent throughout your resume and that your personal particulars and the information provided is up to date.

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