Event planners are expected to work in a fast-paced environment and are responsible for all the details of a memorable event.

If that sounds like your ideal job, here’s how to create a resume that will stand out above the hundreds of resume that your employer will receive.

1) Have an objective at the top of your resume. This objective should state what type of position you are looking for and the special skills you have that will fit the job description.

2) Provide your event planning experiences and other relevant job experiences.  Be sure to state the name of the resorts, hotels and companies for whom you have planned events for. You may include private wedding and parties that you have coordinated.

3) Do not leave out details as an event planner. Be specific and include how many guests attended the event, the budget of the event the different aspects you were in charge of.

4) List down your educational background in a chronological order. Highlight the degrees you hold and state the year of enrolment and completion.

5) Include any awards or professional memberships you hold. For example, if you are a member of a professional event or wedding planning group, state them in a separate section on your resume.

6) Mention your volunteer history if you have helped out in coordinating events or planning fundraisers for non-profit organisations. Even though you might not be paid, by stating down your volunteer history you can show that you have valuable work experience.

7) Always vet through your resume for any common grammar or spelling mistakes. It would be good if you could get a friend to help you with your ‘blind spots’.

Prospective employers would be interested to see the various types of events you have organised as well as the size and budget you have worked with. Ensure that all of the above can be found in your resume in a systematic manner.

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