Draftsmen use technical knowledge and their vast imagination to turn an idea into a realistic blueprint or a hardware design to guide manufacturing engineers in their creation. Here’s how to get started if you are considering a career as a draftsman.

  1. Take part in drafting courses in school. Some employers take draftsmen directing from universities, as long as the student has certain skills and is willing to learn. Taking courses in design, computer graphics, science, and technology will also help.
  2. Get a degree in drafting. Most employers prefer this and you can obtain it from any university and technical institutes. Enter a specialised engineering drafting course in full-time institutes to finish training more quickly and receive a more intense technical education. Some universities also offer more general subject such as drafting theory or design.
  3. Create a portfolio of your best drawings and plans to show to prospective employers. This is the best way to prove your skills and talent as a draftsman when applying for your first job.
  4. Get certified from a recognised professional organisation. You need to go through a Drafter Certification Test to examine your knowledge of things such as geometric construction and technical terms. This will enhance your career prospects and salaries even though employers do not require such certification.
  5. Get a job as an entry-level drafter. Job listings for draftsmen can be found on job portals such as STJobs.sg, local newspaper listings and drafting societies.
  6. Spend a few years at the job to prove that you are able to do routine jobs. Gain experience and you can become an intermediate drafter where you can perform calculations and work more independently. You can progress to a senior drafter after years of experience and supervise new employees as well as be in charge of entire drafting projects. Some companies allow progression from entry-level draftsman to senior draftsman in as little as three years. A drafter should have a solid combination of drafting technique, advanced training and good communication skills to advance.

A career as a draftsman offers excellent opportunities for an individual to increase their pay and skills, depending on one’s ambition. Almost any devoted student can master the skills of being a draftsman with time for a rewarding life-long career.

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