There are some preparations you have to make to position yourself for this career as the financial services industry is competitive. Here’s how to break into the challenging and rewarding career as a financial analyst.

  1. Achieve the proper training and background that most firms require for financial analyst positions. Take courses in accounting, economics and math to develop the analytical skills needed to be a successful financial analyst.
  2. Develop computer skills. Have a thorough understanding of spreadsheet and database programmes, as well as other word-processing programmes. Have a good understanding of Microsoft Powerpoint in order to make good presentations as a financial analyst.
  3. Have strong communication skills, both verbal and written. Financial analysts need to present complex financial analysis in terms that those in management positions can understand.
  4. Get a master’s degree in business administration. Some firms require an advanced degree in business for financial analyst positions.
  5. Decide on the type of financial analyst position and industry you are interested in. Industries such as investment firms, banks, manufacturing industries, and more require different types of financial analysis.

To enhance your chances of a career as a financial analyst, get an internship to gain work experience. This will allow you to find out if the position and industry are a good fit for you before you apply for a full-time analyst position, and you can also network and meet new people in the industry.

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