A marketing manager oversees the entire company’s marketing department and develops the team to achieve greater heights. Use your resume as your powerful marketing tool as you apply for the position of a marketing manager. Read on to find out how.

1) Provide your contact details clearly at the top of your resume. Structure your resume such that your name appears in large, bold font followed by your phone number, address and email address.

2) Include your career objective as a marketing manager after you have given your contact details. This is an opportunity for you to show your potential employer how hiring you will benefit their company. You may include ideas for improving the marketing department but remember to keep your objective short and succinct.

3) In the body of your resume, provide your relevant work experience in a chronological manner. Match up your job description and accomplishments of your previous jobs experience with the marketing manager position you are applying for.

Marketing managers should not be modest about their achievements. You may consider including facts such as your people management skills and your experience in handling multiple responsibilities in your resume.

4) Create a section for relevant skills and use this as an opportunity to let your employer know that you understand and have the necessary requirements to apply as a marketing manager. Make a bulleted list that includes skills you have acquired that was not mentioned in your work experience.

You may also include basic computer skills such as Microsoft Office. If you have done volunteer work, it is alright to include skills you have picked up doing that too.

5)    List down your educational records in a chronological manner. Ensure that you highlight your major and include the period of your education in each institution.

6) Close your resume by providing your potential employer with a reference section. Instead of putting a list of contact information, you may choose to write “available upon request”. This reduces the chances of your potential employer to contacting numbers that are outdated. At the same time, the employer will know that you have references he may contact.

7) The last step of turning your resume into a great marketing tool is important. Vet through your work and look out for grammar or spelling mistakes. You would not want these careless mistakes to get in the way of your chance on obtaining your dream job. Have a friend to look through your work if possible.

With the following tips, you can turn your marketing manager resume into a powerful tool in making your resume more attractive to potential employers.

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