Rooted in the department of sales, an account sales manager is responsible for indentifying sales opportunities, creating sales goals, developing new accounts from new clients and maintaining existing sales accounts. The sales department, where sales managers hire, train and organise a team that is responsible for generating income.

Here are tips on how you can attain a smooth entry into your ideal career as an account sales manager.

An account sales manager often assigns sections to members of their team based on each member's experience and skills. Apart from finding and setting up new sales accounts, you must also work on maintaining old ones. This includes following up and ensuring that customers and clients are pleased with the product or service rendered. This can be achieved through offering special discounts for making another purchase or upon renewal of an item. Duties that you would may span across demonstrating and explaining how products or services work as well as conducting employee performance reviews.

Exude a high level of energy and enthusiasm as you exercise leadership skills to pull you through in this career. This is especially important as you would need to keep your team motivated and working at optimal level. Through this you would portray a passionate attitude with regards to the products you sell both to potential customers and their employees.

Apart from a skilled proficiency in Mathematics and in computers, account sales managers must be extremely organised, resilient, professional, courteous, analytical and capable of overcoming obstacles.

Take up a degree that is based on courses or modules in business, marketing, advertising, communications, English or even economics.

With these tips in hand you can take your company to great heights and make profits which will grow your business well as an account sales manager.

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