This is a profession where you are responsible for improving upon a company's interpretation of its clients’ needs through analysis of business problems. There is no single path to take to become a business analyst, however, an appropriate credential should include a bachelor’s degree.

Here are the steps you can take to make a smooth transition into this field.

1. Identify the career route you wish to follow. If your strengths or qualifications lie in disciplines such as management, finance or marketing, choose that route accordingly. Expand your choices and look for opportunities in careers that combine business and technology skills if you are more technically inclined.

As a business analyst with technology skills, you can aid your organisation to improve business performance through the use of information technology.

2. Complete a bachelor's degree in a major such as business, marketing, finance or economics. If you are aiming for a role as a senior business analyst, attain a higher qualification such as Master of Business Administration (MBA). Furthermore if you wish to concentrate on a career that requires strong information technology skills, take a bachelor's degree in a major such as information science, computer science or management information systems.

3. Beef up on your skills as essential business analytical skills in analytical thinking and problems solving, business knowledge, communication and interaction.

4. Apply for business analyst jobs by responding to newspaper on online advertisements. You can also register with an employment agency. Look for general openings under jobs titles that range from business analyst, information system analyst, business technology analyst, systems analyst to operational research analyst.

By understanding the essential skills that this job entails and improving them through greater knowledge in this field, you can be prepared for a fulfilling career as a business analyst.

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