The job description of a personal assistant may vary and there is no industry standard. They perform a wide range of duties and writing a resume for a personal assistant job can be a challenge.

Read on to find out how you can write a resume that would increase your chance of getting your ideal job.

1) Have a standard template for a personal assistant resume and personalise each resume for each job you applied for. Tailoring your resume would increase your chances of succeeding to get your ideal job.

2) Use a readable and consistent font type in your resume. The safe fonts to use are “Arial” and “Times New Roman” but you may wish to use another font to stand out.

3) Provide your contact details, stating your full name, email address, phone number and home address.

4) State your career objective truthfully and in a positive manner. Your objective may include your desire to broaden your understanding of the line of work your potential employer is in. This should include information about your work ethic. Resist the temptation to lay it on too thick - this might repulse many potential employers as it might come across as pretentious.

5) List down your work experience in a chronological manner. Provide work experiences that are relevant to the personal assistant job you are applying for. Do not be afraid to include accomplishments you have achieved in your previous jobs.

6) Provide your education experiences. Be sure to highlight your major, the institution and the time period of your education.

7) End your resume by listing down any special skills you have acquired. This would be a plus point for a personal assistant resume as it lets your potential employer know of all the other things you are capable of doing. If you have professional references, you may state it in your resume.

Creating a solid resume marks the foundation of boosting your employability as a personal assistant.

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