Going for an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience for most people. You can stay on top of your game if you make preparations beforehand. Here are some tips to ace your administrative position interview.

Do your home work
Read up as much as you can about the company before your scheduled interview date. You can find most of the information on their website. Get familiarised with the company. Find out what the company’s dress code is and dress appropriately.

Familiarise yourself with common administrative questions
Read up on the commonly asked questions for administrative roles and prepare your answers beforehand.  Some of the common questions asked may include your experience with customer service, computer skills and organisation. Share with your potential employer your working experience and the skill sets you have. Highlight your strengths and achievements. If you have done something that helped to improve the efficiency of your work previously, do not be afraid to share it.

Prepare questions for your employer
Besides preparing your answers for commonly asked questions, you should also prepare a few questions to ask your interviewer. Write down questions you have as you do your research on the company. However, it is wise to avoid questions such as “When can I get a promotion?” or “What are your employee benefits?”. These questions show that you are more concerned about your personal benefits instead of how you can contribute to the company. Instead ask questions pertaining to the company and how you are able to contribute to the goal of the business. Just as your employer is keen to know more about you, you should be interested to find out if the company will be a good fit for you.

Arrive early
You have done all your research on the company and have prepared both answers and questions. Do not ruin your chances of getting your dream job by being late for an interview. Set aside 15 minutes of buffer time to ensure you will reach not just on time, but early.

Come prepared for the interview and your chances of getting hired for the administrative role will be higher.

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