People who have more sex tend to earn more than others, a recent study has found.

The study on 7,500 people by the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge found that those who engaged in sexual activity at least 4 times a week earned up to 5 per cent more than those who did not.

People who did not have any sex at all earned 3 per cent less than those who did.

Workers who have more sex tend to have higher confidence, thus allowing them to be happier and more productive at work, the study suggested.

Sex also increases a person's satisfaction with their lives, allowing them to have a more successful career too.

While the study found that more sex could lead to higher wages, it also suggested that higher wages could lead to more sex as well.

As individuals earn more, they can seem more attractive to others, researcher Nick Drydakis said.

Human Resources Online reported that there are many reasons why more sex could lead to a better work life.

For instance, sex helps to keep stress away and those who have more sex tend to be more relaxed and less anxious than those who do not. Sex also boosts an individual's happiness by making them feel better about themselves.

Moreover, sex might also help to relieve bodily pain. According to Human Resources Online, a study found that over 30 per cent of patients who had sex experienced relief from headaches and migraines.