Having a cover letter can make or break a person being short listed for an interview. If you are planning to apply for a position at any call centre, here are some steps you can follow to secure an interview.

1. Your cover letter should give the employer a clear idea of why you are interested in the call centre position and how your skills fit their needs. You should include essential information such as your previous call centre experiences, whether it was a customer service officer or telemarketer position. Try to describe your job responsibilities in one or two sentences as it will help the employer to focus on why you are suitable for this job.

2. List down the skills you specialize in such as call handling, trouble shooting, communication and customer relationship management. 

3. A call centre will be looking for candidates who are able to resolve customer service issues. Emphasise on your customer relationship management skills by providing information about your training in resolving issues.

4. Most call centre representatives are required to use certain software to handle calls and generate reports. Hence, do remember to discuss about your computer skills. You may want to list down certain software that you are familiar with. Also include details about your typing capabilities by specifying your word per minute (wpm).

5. Lastly, don’t forget to check your cover letter for any grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes.

The cover letter should be brief but remember to include vital information and keep them to one page at most.

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