Preparing for a job interview holds utmost importance especially by going in with the apt preparation. As an IT manager, you would be involved in working with the IT department, upper management, vendors and network users to accommodate the organisation's information systems required.

With the following steps you can be headed to getting a smooth entry in your career as an IT manager.

1. Be well versed with the company’s background, mission and various practices by browsing through relevant material such as their website and more.

2. Give answers that include examples from previous work experiences. Draw references to prior work experience in IT, management or preferably both to remind your potential employers that you have related hands-on experience.

3. Before you head for your interview, determine in your mind which areas of performance you would look at when conducting a review on one of your staff as a manager. This is especially crucial as upon becoming a manager, you would exercise a level of authority over other staff. This is also tied together with performance reviews. Your potential employer would hence be interested to know how you measure job performance.

4. In all the various questions that you are asked. Ensure that you offer concrete examples of ways in which you would make a positive impact on the company. This can include how you might cuts costs, streamline processes or reward staff for innovation and excellence as an IT manager.

5. Be articulate as you elaborate on various examples and your answers during the interview. Communication is taken as an essential skill that is highly required in this job as you interact with vendors and several departments.

6. Highlight some of your top accomplishments in the field of IT. This can include your achievements from the previous jobs you held or those in the specialised IT training or educational backgrounds.

With thorough practice and preparation, you can be well equipped to ace your interview for your ideal position as an IT manager.

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