A building is essentially a complex combination of structure and machines. All the various parts of a building require regular attention so that it can survive the rigours of daily use. As a building maintenance engineer, you would be specialised in how everything works and why. With these steps you can make a smooth career transition into this industry.

1. Get hired under a remodelling contractor to obtain on-the-job training and learn as much as you can about carpentry, drywall, painting and basic use of tools. Ask questions about each project and talk to your boss about proper building techniques and safety procedures.

2. Take up plumbing classes and spend at least six months working with a licensed plumber. Pay close attention to procedures, and grasp as much as you can from the hands-on experience. Skills such as installing various types of pipe and different common fixtures are also essential. Learn about the basics in electricity and focus your attention on how to install sockets, fixtures and wiring. Furthermore spend time to know the current structure and hazards it can pose to people and the building itself. Another area of expertise to work on includes the maintenance of various common systems, duct work sizes and fixture placements.

3. Complete your course and get your degree after which you can apply with a real estate management agency or independent apartment offices. Pen down all the experience you have acquired. As you prepare for interviews, ensure that can show your prospective employer you have the job experience and education which can correspond to the smooth running and safety of the buildings.

By familiarising yourself with the local building codes and permit requirements and the proper safety equipment, every project you embark on will be successful.

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