A product marketing manager goes beyond the interaction with his market base and hence becomes the driving force behind the business plan.

Here's how you can step in to become a proficient product marketing manager.

1. Take up a 4-year degree programme that will give you a strong foundation and understanding on the principles of marketing and business practices. For your undergraduate degree, you could also further select a major in business, marketing or economics.

2. Continue your education and increase the potential of your standing in the marketplace by pursuing an MBA degree. This degree may not be listed as a requirement for this position, however it is generally preferred within this field.

3. Brush up on your presentation skills. A successful product marketing manager has a firm grasp on presentation softwares such as Powerpoint and other similar tools to communicate marketing plans in a visually arresting and dynamic presentation.

4. Seek internship opportunities where you can gain valuable experience in developing and implementing product launch plans. In this job, you would also be expected to chart the course of your company's new product launches.

5. Gather a holistic marketing experience by working in other areas of marketing. This can come in very handy as most job descriptions for this job require at least 3 years of experience within the marketing field.

6. To increase your chances of landing this job, look out for opportunities where you can gain experience with the use of the most current marketing or social media tool. With the recent proliferation of social media, having a firm grasp on online marketing strategies can make you a more desirable job candidate.

As you strive your way to become a product marketing manager with these steps, you will be rewarded for a fulfilling career.

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