In this role, your work plays a part in the beginning, middle and end stages of a product's development and life cycle. Much of the guesswork is taken out of product development by the product analyst's skills.

Here are the steps you can take to gain a smooth entry into this career as a product analyst in the Marketing and Communications Industry.

1. When a company begins to develop a new product or service, one of the most essential things that the product analyst does is to identify target markets for the product or service. To achieve these results, the product analyst must then conduct extensive research and provide the company with detailed and verifiable product and market assessments. Your duties would include collecting and analysing data regarding potential target markets and preparing reports to the appropriate departments. With the data analysis you have prepared, your company can set goals for the development, marketing and promotion of the products and services provided.

2. Once your company's product is on the market, you would collect, review and then analyse the marketing results of the product. This can involve the use of market research which will involve interviewing and collection of data from the end-user of consumer. With your data summation, you can aid the marketing team to maximise the company's profits and minimise the risk of loss of revenue.

3. Monitor and anticipate the various stages of the product life cycle for your company's product item. This will aid you to work proactively and hence avoid loss for your company.

With these tips, you can be ready for a full fledged career as a product analyst in the marketing communications industry.

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