Getting to the interview stage is a breeze once your resume has been polished. Therefore draft your resume carefully and thoughtfully so it can end up in the chosen pile.

Here are a few steps to get you started.

1. In the header of your resume, present your profile clearly i.e. list your name, contact details such as address and phone numbers.

2. Write a single-line objective that states exactly what chemical engineering job you wish to embark on. Ensure that your language usage is consistent and centralised it boldly across the top of the balance of your resume.

3. Create a section to showcase all the awards and special distinctions you have received. For each bulleted point, state the date of the achievement and a brief statement of the significance of the achievement.

4. Organise your professional employment history and list down your most recent positions held in corporate, academic or laboratory chemical engineering positions, with the years served, employer and then conclude with a brief summary of your responsibilities and work performed.

5. Include an education section where you state all the relevant degrees, specialisations, courses, accolades and distinctions you have attained.

With your resume covered, set forth to create an effective cover letter that can land you a job as a chemical engineer.

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