Information Technology (IT) is a diverse and broad career field, an IT specialist's role is to provide companies and individuals with support and technical assistance in matters pertaining to computer technology or information.

With these skills at hand and a tenacious attitude, you will be well prepared for this field.


Take up a degree in computer engineering and then a Bachelor's in computer science, computer engineering or PC support. This can firm up your foundation and help you communicate quality solutions to your customers.

Analytical Qualities:

As an IT specialist, you would need to possess the ability to understand the nature of a technical problem, analyse it and produce a possible solution to the problem in a snapshot. Looking at a problem from various perspectives is also part of this job. The area of problems can surface in technical support services, operating systems, hardware components and other technology-based structure. Therefore you should be able to visualise the problem and produce a solution that is unique to each client.

Job experience:

Learn on the job and apply for an IT support role. Starting out as an assistant can help you make a smooth transition to take on advanced IT positions in future.

Personal qualities: The ability to multitask is essential as an IT specialist should be able to work on mutiple computer project simultaneously. Great customer skills are also an added advantage as many occasions may arise where you have to help people troubleshoot their IT problems without actually handling them in person. Listening skills come in handy here as you need to remain calm and not get when a problem becomes hard to solve.

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