The job scope entails research, constructing prototypes, testing of these systems and supervising the manufacturing and installation of computer equipment and components.

Build up your skill set with these tips to be prepared for a fulfilling career in this field as computer hardware engineer.

1. Work on your oral and written communication skills as these are essential to a hardware engineer. Complete an accredited engineering degree with a major or speciality in electrical engineering, electronics engineering or computer hardware engineering. Since a minimum of a bachelor's degree is required for this job, entry level positions may sometimes be filled by individuals who have sufficient computer related experience.

2. Job duties involve developing, designing and testing research computer hardware components. You would find that the duties you take up pertain to the development and design of computer systems. On a side note, most of the advances in computer technology are accredited to the direct result of the work performed by computer hardware engineers.

3. Working environment is made up of long hours and tight deadlines that can change according to the nature of the project. Typically development and design planning schedules allow for experimentation and testing of prototype models of potential equipment.

Get familiarised with these job duties and pick up tips on how to prepare yourself for a career in the engineering field as a computer hardware engineer.

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