In the customer service industry, you would spend a great deal of time in the call centre or behind a helpdesk to develop your skills and learn about the industry. Translating this experience onto your resume can be quite a challenge as you may find yourself stuck on the 'Work History' section not knowing what to write.

Though this may sound tough, you can sail through by stating your work experience in various fields.

Customised title:

Stand out from the rest of your fellow customer service representatives by wording your official title differently. This can help to distinguish your resume from other applicants. Using the word 'specialist' can enhance the effect on your employer as you will appear as the 'go-to' person for a specialised skill set.


Tweak your entire resume to match it to the job title you are applying for. Giving mentions to a specific field in which you have done had worked can tell your employers that you have a specialised skill set in that area.


Be specific and narrow down to mention statements such as 'Provided outstanding phone support for account holders with questions about the cable television, high speed internet services and more’. Under the training portion of this section, delve in to state the software and procedures you were trained in.


This is where you can shine and use your resume to show that you can do exceptional things in ordinary circumstances. Therefore don't limit yourself to routine tasks. Include events that shout your abilities and ambitions.

By effectively linking your skills to the requirements stated in the job advertisement, you can build a powerful resume that can get your ideal job as a customer service manager.

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