Singapore is one of the world's top cities for living, visiting and doing business, according to Ipsos' Top Cities Survey - the largest-ever global survey and the first of its kind by the market-research company on Global @dvisor.

Some 18,147 residents from 24 countries (excluding Singapore) were asked to choose from a list of 48 major cities which cities they felt were the best to do business in, live in and which they most wanted to visit.

Singapore was voted the world's ninth best city to do business in, alongside Los Angeles. New York emerged top, followed by Abu Dhabi and then Hong Kong.

Singapore was also No 9 in terms of the best cities to visit, sharing the spot with Bangkok, Hong Kong and Istanbul. Paris topped the list, with New York and Rome as No 2 and No 3.

As a city to live in, Singapore ranked No 11, on a par with Auckland, Copenhagen and Rome. Zurich was regarded as the top city to live in, followed by Sydney and then London.

Overall, Singapore was voted the world's 13th favourite city, based on the sum of responses across all three categories.

New York emerged as the world's No 1 city, joining London and Paris as the top three cities in the world to live in, visit and do business in.

Tokyo (No 7) and Hong Kong (No 8) were the only two Asian countries to make the overall top-10 list.

Singapore made it to the the top-10 list of best cities according to some 6,545 respondents from eight countries: Australia, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Sweden.

Indonesian respondents declared Singapore as their overall favourite city, and the No 1 city for living and doing business in.

Respondents from India also affirmed Singapore as their overall favourite city, as well as the No 1 city to visit and the No 2 city to live and do business in.

Among Chinese respondents, Singapore was seen as the No 1 city to live in and the No 3 city to visit.

"Most of the top cities have the advantage of a large domestic market. For a city state like Singapore to make the list is a rather impressive achievement. Business communities obviously recognise that Singapore is a gateway to Asia," Ipsos Singapore's country manager Miranda Cheung told BT.

"But there is still potential for Singapore to improve its attractiveness among citizens of the Latin American region, North America and other key European countries."