Regardless of the web development position you're applying for, you would be involved in an extensive website with many templates or just a single web page.

Going for an interview with sufficient industry knowledge important, however the manner you present your knowledge can make or break you. Here are some tips on how to be ready for an interview in an ideal career as a web developer.


If you have worked on or built a website in the past, bring examples of your work to your current job interview. Take screen shots of your work and get them printed out as your professional portfolio. Provide your interviewer with a link to your online portfolio as well. This can serve as a visual representation of your work that will showcase your knowledge and technical capabilities for the job you’re applying for.


Share all the relevant programmes you are versatile with when enquired by prospective employer. Certain programmes such as Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign may not be directly attributed to your web production, however they still serve to show your willingness to learn a variety of programmes and adaptability with technological changes.


A website may crash at any moment and certain topical events may occur in the wee hours of the morning. In such cases, your potential employer may have to rely on you to create a quick template or update a message on a website. In the course of your interview, you can be questioned on "What hours are you available?”. Similar questions can be thrown upon you to see if you are available for emergency fixes, updates and changes no matter what hour it is. If you are able to accommodate to unexpected timings outside of work hours, your flexibility would be highly regarded by your employer.

Dress professionally

Show up for the interview in a suit for optimum success, this will help you to look the part and leave a good impression on your employer.

No jargons

Although your prospective employer might be looking for a web developer, he may not know much about web development. While it’s important to impress your interview with your knowledge and skills, you should also use words and phrases the interviewer will understand as someone who isn't necessarily a web developer himself. Therefore you should try and relate to the interviewer when answering questions.

With these skills and tips covered, you can be one step ahead of your fellow candidates applying for this job.

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