In comparison to your daily job scope as an engineer, applying for this job will require the same amount of attention to details too. As you begin to write a well-composed and grammatically correct cover letter for an electrical engineering job, you can increase your chances of getting called back for an interview.

Start your letter by giving a summary of your electrical engineering work till date. If your primary area of expertise lies in the maintenance of electrical equipment or circuitry, you should state that and provide the duration of your experience.

Write about your experience in a supervisory capacity, as an electrical engineer you may have had valuable experience in identifying project milestones and coordinating the efforts of other employees and contractors.

Hinge your cover letter on the various software applications you are well versed with. This can show your grasp of technologies directly related to electrical engineering. Write about software applications in which you have had training in as well as design practices, computer assisted circuitry design and the experience you have acquired.

Under the education section, indicate your level of education. For a job as an electrical engineer, you would require a minimum focussed undergraduate study on electrical engineering, digital electronics or related fields.

By keeping your cover letter to a single page, you should be able to convey a summary of your work experience smoothly. Present your cover letter using a readable font and eliminate extraneous details that has been covered in the body of your resume.

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