Systems analysts use computer hardware and software to design scientific, engineering, financial and other applications.

Technology firms, financial institutions and other organisations hire systems analysts to make technology products and improve business processes. Systems analysts then consult their managers and employees to define the requirements and hence develop and integrate the necessary hardware and software systems.

The following shows a few ways in which you can pave your way for a career in the IT field as a systems analyst.


Enrol in a diploma or degree programme that is focused in computer science, applied Mathematics, Physics, engineering or business management information systems.

Diversify your skills portfolio:

If you are working on a systems analysis project for the financial services sector, keep an eye out for project opportunities in the energy or healthcare industries. In addition to an enriched work experience, the various technical projects you handle will help build your resume. This would be to your advantage for job offers with more rewarding opportunities.

Explore career advancement opportunities:

Companies often have dual tracks for employees - a technical track for those who wish to participate in hands-on development of new products or services. The other is the management track. Both require you to be on your toes and have a keen awareness of the latest technological developments, new product introductions by competitors and changes in technical standards.

Required skills:

The skills you would need to possess include troubleshooting and problem solving skills. Acquire an expert knowledge of the systems and software programmes that are being developed to communicate to your management and end users about the possibility of upgrades and software changes.

Enter your ideal career as a systems analyst and begin your job where you can design or improve existing computer systems.

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