Read on to find out how you can ace your interview and land the project manager job that you’re after.

1. Make a positive impression with the choice of your outfit. Project managers are expected to pay close attention to details. Furthermore your management style will be evident based on how you present yourself.

2. During the course of your interview, answer all the questions in a calm and assertive tone. If you're caught in a tight fix, let your interviewer know that you need a few moments to gather your thoughts. A good project manager will process all the facts internally before forming a viewpoint or responding to a query.

3. Draw reference to your experience and how it would benefit the company. Point out instances in the past where you were put in charge of a project or completed a large-scale task with minimal supervision. Be vocal about any projects where you were able to minimise expenditures without compromising quality.

4. A great project manager is able to work with a host of different personalities; hence your interviewer would be looking for cues such as people management skills. Maintain eye contact and refrain from interrupting anyone while he or she is speaking.

5. Enquire about additional scope or duties that the company has for their project managers that may not be listed in the job description. Let your interviewer know how your skills and experience coincide with each of those requirements.

6. If you sense that the interview is winding down, emphasise your interest in the company. This can serve to bring up any additional information about your skills or experience that are key to the position. An example of how you can do this is, "Before we wrap up, I'd like to point out one other area of my expertise that your company would find valuable."

7. As your interview draws to a close, part with a firm handshake and a light-hearted exchange. Part of your job includes conversing about everyday topics with your colleagues for the sake of team-building so that your interviewer will appreciate your ability to transit from business to casual conversation.

With good preparation, you can reap more benefits out of your interview for a job as a project manager.

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