A media executive oversees the operational and management team of a media company across a spectrum that ranges from radio, publishing, TV, film or music. In this job scope you would have to possess leadership skills and have a strong sense of brand and marketing capabilities.

Start on your ideal career as a media executive with these skill sets.


This is the main attribute of a media executive as you are a leader in one or many fields within the media industries. Just like many senior leaders within any company, you can exert control and influence over the operation and direction of the company. Furthermore your job would include delegating management and operation tasks to your team members.


Being flexible entails having excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills. This is so as the nature of the job requires you to deal with a variety of people from employees to customers, shareholders and more. Hence being flexible and adaptable to the environment is crucial. Foster good camaraderie with your team mates such as your shareholders who have invested in the company to produce results with positive impacts.


Add strategy and negotiation to the list of skills you need for this job. As a media executive, you must be able to recognise opportunities where the company can grow and flourish. This can be done through mergers, acquisitions and even other strategic alliances. Negotiation skills aid you to persuade the board of directors and shareholders of what is in the best interest of the company.


A strong sense of brand and marketing skills makes you capable of understanding the target audience and how you can cater to their needs.


Take up internships, attend seminars and other training programmes to help you gain valuable knowledge on how to become a media executive ready to enter the industry.

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