A special feature brought to you by STJobs.sg

Have you ever wondered what your colleagues are making? Now you can compare your salary against your peers’ with STJobs’ Salary Benchmarker Tool.

The tool, which STJobs recently launched in September, easily allows users to compare their salary with their professional peers using the latest data by MOM published in June 2013. To begin, go to www.stjobs.sg/salary. From there, key in your annual gross income and select a job function and industry before hitting the ‘calculate’ button. STJobs’ Salary Benchmarker Tool will generate your ranking in terms of percentage and provide the annual gross income by occupation in terms of percentile.

You can also choose to perform a quick search to find out the average market salary for the same job across various industries.

Nick Tan, 29, a job seeker said: “This tool is easy to use and gives me a good market sense of the industry average, which gives me a general idea of whether my current salary is in the correct range.” 

“This tool is a great place to start if you’re interested to find out whether you’re getting paid fairly. Sometimes, people discover that they’re getting a fairly justified salary which puts their mind at ease,” said Ms SL Goh, 38, an STJobs’ user.

Follow these step-by-step instructions on using the Salary Benchmarker Tool

1)      Key in your gross annual income e.g. $50,000

2)      Select your occupation e.g. advertising copywriter

3)      Pick an industry or leave the option as default to calculate across all  industries

4)      Hit the ‘Calculate’ button and view the results illustrated in graphics

5)      Press the ‘reset’ button if you wish to re-calculate

6)      Check out jobs listings relevant to your search


Note: This tool is only a guideline and should be used with discretion.