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Staying ahead of the consumer is an important aspect of a marketer’s job. Marketing jobs aren’t just about selling a product or a service and is not as easy as it seems to be. A degree alone will not make you a successful marketer. A marketing professional need to possess analytical skills, develop good interpersonal skills and most importantly, have a strong understanding of the product you intend to market. If you have a combination of these qualities and skills, you will reap limitless rewards from this field and have a very fulfilling job.

There are many types of marketing jobs and each type has its own scope of activities that’s different from another. Some of them may appeal more than the others because they pay well and have many available opportunities. Examples of the types of marketing jobs are; Brand or Product Management, Market Research, Public Relations, Internet Marketing, Design and Sales & Promotions.

Work experience is helpful when applying for a marketing position as it demonstrates your commitment and understanding of the role besides adding dimension to your resume. Getting involved by marketing social events at schools, helping out with casual promotion work or even retailing will be useful if you think about promotion, product placement and consumer behaviour while you are there.

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This month, the spotlight is on Marketing. Marketing careers are often diverse with marketing jobs witnessing a new boom and developing newer dimensions, thanks to the Internet and social media. It’s a dynamic industry but also extremely rewarding.

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