jobs portal for the eldercare sector has been launched. The website lists more than 100 jobs offered by about 50 organisations, including community hospitals, hospices and nursing homes.

It also provides information on training scholarships.

Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister for Health and Manpower, said the portal allows "job-matching to be done round the clock at the convenience of both applicants and employers".

She was speaking at a training award ceremony for students and eldercare professionals held yesterday at the Ministry of National Development.

The portal was developed by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and the Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC) Manpower Council, which includes government representatives and other industry players.

AIC chief corporate officer Chern Siang Jye said more awareness about ILTC careers will help attract more people to the sector.

"The hours are long and work is hard but it is very fulfilling. We need to get more professionals to share their stories with the public," he said.

Mr Jimi Tan, 53, the programme supervisor at Peacehaven Nursing Home, who was awarded a scholarship for a master's degree course yesterday, agreed that a sense of fulfilment keeps him going.

"I reunited a mother with her son before she passed away. They had not been talking for years.

"It was a priceless feeling to be able to help them."