Once reserved for the well-heeled, personal trainers have now become a must-have for the sweating masses.

But finding a personal trainer who makes you feel comfortable enough to expose your biggest flaws can be challenging.

Mr Paul Kuck, 41, owner of Fitness Tutor and one of the better-established personal trainers in Singapore, says: “For someone to guide others in achieving their personal fitness goals, he must understand their needs, make them feel comfortable in their own skin and be able to motivate them based on their personality.”

He has been a personal trainer for over 15 years and currently runs a personal and corporate fitness consulting company with a gym studio that helps busy professionals keep in shape and get healthy. 

Fitness geek

His passion for fitness started when he was seven. Being a chubby and sickly child, he was inspired to read fitness-related books.

By the age of 12, he had developed some formal exercise routines of his own which he practises religiously till today.

“I was a fitness geek, talking about biceps and pectorals while other kids were playing with the latest remote control cars and game cards,” he recalls.

He even took up body building competitively and won the second runner-up position in a National Bodybuilding Competition (under 20). 

Despite excelling in sports, he chose to become an engineer. But he soon realised it was not his cup of tea and decided to become a fitness professional instead.

He started by acquiring a list of fitness certifications and a master’s degree in exercise and nutrition, specialising in weight management, and topped his cohort.

He then worked with established gyms as a fitness consultant and trained clients privately before opening his first personal training studio in 2006.

Today, he is the only Singaporean who is a Certified Gold Standard Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist among 300 other world-renowned fitness trainers.


Train smart

His approach to gaining fitness is based on scientific studies and extensive experience.

“My background as a product engineer gave me a good understanding of mechanical and movement science as well as an appreciation of the stress levels in the corporate world,” he explains.

“During the early days when I started personal training, I had to work with my clients at home, in void decks and public fitness grounds without high-end gym equipment. From that experience, I learnt that exercise regimes can be versatile and improvised.”

To achieve a great body and fitness, he feels that smart training and work ethics are important and he strongly believes in achieving maximum results with minimal hours.

So while most fitness junkies know a handful of exercises, he invents exercise regimes and creates new routines that have helped many people become fitter.  

His latest programme, Paulfect It, is a programme that targets individuals with multiple health issues, chronic diseases and specific injuries.

Mr Kuck also specialises in disease management (cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke) and works closely with top medical specialists in ensuring safety and best results for clients who have medical conditions.

He also recognises that there are people who would like to take control of their own fitness and health but cannot afford personal training services and do not have the know-how.

For them, he has given fitness and health talks through public forums.

This is an area that is close to his heart, and from next year, he intends to give more motivational, health and fitness talks about living a balanced life.

When asked about his best experience, he says: “Every day is a best experience when you are in a job doing what you love most, with time you can manage and the ability to plan your own progression with no politics, and getting a decent pay cheque at the end of the day.”


For details, e-mail paul@fitness-tutor.com