Forget run-of-the-mill, standardised desks or cubicles with high partitions at the office of property firm Ascendas.

Its regional HQ is a model of efficient use of space. Take the two-storey cubes that function as workstations. Much like a bunk bed, you climb a short flight of stairs to the second level of the workstation.

Desks and chairs can be found on both levels, giving staff a choice of where they want to work. The cubes come in different colours and designs, ensuring it is never a dull day at work.

Located at The Galen building in Singapore Science Park II, the Ascendas office has a floor area of about 52,000 square feet.

The lobby also makes optimal use of space, doubling up as a place for people to rest, have their meals or host special events.

Environmental sustainability is another key feature of the office, which Ascendas moved into in 2011.

It lowers its energy consumption by having high window panels to allow more daylight to filter in. Also, furniture and furnishings are made from recycled or recyclable materials where possible.

Chief development planning officer Arthur Aw says: "By opening up The Galen's lobby, integrating the interior space with the exterior, and transforming it into a chic human-centric space that is naturally well-lit and well-ventilated, it has promoted dining, working, and even meeting in an alfresco environment among our staff."