National sprinter, turns 24 in April

Like his Chinese zodiac sign the horse, Mr Calvin Kang is a natural racer.

At the recent South-east Asia Games in Myanmar, he won a silver as part of Singapore's 4x100m relay team.

The one-time Olympian's approach to investing is the same as the way he tackles sports - he plans and prepares. The sports science and management student at Nanyang Technological University also meets his financial adviser regularly.

He said: "I'm a person who likes to plan ahead and know what are the steps needed to reach those goals. If you just talk about it but don't do anything, it'll just be a vision."

Q: How did you start investing?

I started thinking about investments when I was in the army.

Initially, it was life insurance, then I explored forex trading because I wanted big money, fast money, quick.

I learnt the hard way: Quick money in, but quick money out at the same time.

I broke even, and then lost a few thousand.

I realised it wasn't the best for me. Maybe because I'm not educated in trading, it was based on gut feeling. It was high risk, high return. I had a few good calls, but I lost it over the next few moments.

Q: What sort of investor are you?

I don't put my eggs in one basket.

I'm a bit of a risk-taker so, in the past, I'd invest 70 per cent of my funds. But now, I've scaled down to maybe 30 per cent to 40 per cent.

It has changed because I'm an experiential person. I'll try first but, if I know it's not good for me, then I'll have my boundaries.

I signed up with a broker when I was 21 and started trading a bit in the stock market. Now I mainly trade real estate investment trusts (Reits).

Q: What is your investment strategy?

Stocks are more volatile so I decided to choose an option that wouldn't vary so much - Reits. I checked the yield and gearing.

I invest to beat inflation. That's the main reason I got into Reits.

When I have the means, I'll still invest and not keep my money in the bank.

Q: How was 2013 for you?

I've been increasing my portfolio with more term insurance. I bought a few term policies because I want to plan for my future.

These are 10-, 20-year plans so if I get married and have a kid, it'll be around that time when I take out some money.

I don't want to put my investments into some place where I'm not sure I can get full returns.

At least with insurance, maybe I can get more than what I put in.

But it hardly grows, so I invested in gold, which also symbolises prosperity and wealth. It's also for keeps.

Q: What are you looking into this year?

Maybe blue chip stocks, if there is a sports company. It's important to believe in the product.

I'm also involved in two businesses. The first is Imagica Production, which does photography and videography. The second is Impressionist Interviews, which specialises in equipping people with interview skills.

We're targeting students who are going to apply for university and scholarships, and a bit of the job market.

I'm investing 10 per cent to 20 per cent into each. This year I'll be more into business than investments.

This year is the Horse year. It's my year, so I must chiong ah (charge ahead).