Soon we will be celebrating Chinese New Year and welcoming the Year of the Horse. The new year is a time to clean the house, pay off old debts and prepare for the year ahead.

As with any progress, we not only look forward but also review what has passed. With the passing of the Year of the Snake, I think it is time to let go of some behaviours that we may have harboured or fostered during the past year.

Working with the theme of Snake, I suggest that you review and let go of some of these behaviours so that you are ready to be filled with the promise of the New Year.


Sometimes you look back and feel disappointed about what you were unable to achieve in the past year.

Perhaps you have not earned as much money in your business as you wanted, maybe you did not get that promotion you worked so hard for or worse, maybe you took a risk and it did not pay off.

It is easy to focus on what went wrong and spiral down into a mucky pit of sadness. If this is you, here’s your chance to do something.

Write out a detailed list of all the failed dreams or projects in the last year. Stay calm and be thorough, without succumbing to a downward spiral.

When you have done that, burn the list or put it through the shredder and let the sadness go.

Now make a positive list of the life you want to create in the Year of the Horse.


Sadness and negativity are sometimes linked; however, it is easy to be negative about lots of things without being truly sad.

Let us examine what happens when you are negative.

Often you get back what you give out, and that means that negative thoughts create more negative thoughts, negative behaviour creates more negative behaviour and negative behaviour creates negative results. Can you see the pattern here?

The trick is to now interrupt the pattern and create a new one. Make a conscious choice to be positive and let the negativity go.

A simple yet powerful way to abolish negativity is to wear a small rubber band on your wrist.

Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought or making a negative comment, snap the band onto your skin just hard enough to interrupt that pattern. Next, make a conscious choice to think a positive thought or make a positive comment.


Who do you go to for advice in your business and personal life? Do you have a coach or a mentor to guide you on the best pathway for the new year? 

Often we seek the advice of well-meaning friends or relatives. They don’t want to hurt our feelings, so they will say or do things to make us feel good rather than challenge our thinking or question our motives and behaviours.

The critical step — let go of the poor advice that you get from the wrong people and step up to hiring the services of a good coach for the new year.

Kick poor intentions

Think back over last year — were your intentions clear at all times, did you know what you wanted to achieve and did that happen?  Having poor intentions will surely lead to poor outcomes.

Let go of your wasted opportunities and take a stand. Write down your goals and intentions for the new year.

Next, find a bunch of magazines and cut out pictures that represent these positive intentions and stick them on your notice board, so you can see them all year long.

Clear intentions equal clear results.


Finally, it is time to review your ego. Is it too big, bold and brash? Is it time to let go and become a little softer yet still determined in your outlook?  Ego can jam up so much of your positive behaviour with negative outcomes.

Go back to your list of goals and think positive thoughts. These positive thoughts will translate into positive behaviours and a positive energy will flow into your life.

A bumper year of the horse

Now get moving and let go of those old thoughts, behaviours and patterns from the Year of the Snake. Embrace a positive lifestyle, hire that coach and create a visual and written goal board to make the Year of the Horse a bumper year for your business and personal life!


Article by Lindsay Adams, a relationship marketing specialist and international speaker with Training Edge International, and 2009–2010 International President of the Global Speakers Federation. For more information, visit or e-mail