WHEN it comes to job mastery, nothing beats experience and regular skills upgrading.

Mr Ang Kian Hua, a craftsman at precision engineering company Makino Asia, has been in the industry for seven years.

The 30-year-old started out as a technician and is now studying for the Precision Engineering Master Craftsman certification, which he will complete in April.

The programme is an industry recognition scheme that aims to elevate standards of craftsmanship.

"This will help me advance further in my career," said Mr Ang, a father of a one-year-old boy.

His job scope and responsibilities have grown with his years of experience with the company.

As a fresh graduate from the Institute of Technical Education, Mr Ang was in charge of troubleshooting and programming a highly precise machine that manufactures machine parts.

He now oversees three such machines and guides his colleagues in their use.

"It's especially important to constantly upgrade yourself in this industry... Things keep changing. There are new machines, and we have to learn different types of skills," said Mr Ang.